Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hi my blogging friends.I just wanted to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers . I really don't know what i would have done without all my family and friends to help me.It has been a really hard time for me and my family.I would like to share with you what happened.On June 17th My husband (Glen) was always so excited when we had great weather and it was the weekend that meant motorcycle time.He had been away the earlier part of the week travelingand was glad to be home . Told me he was going for his regular 1hr. ride would be back and barbeque kissed me goodbyeand said i love. you. I did not know until later that our 11 year old (Christian) Had tallked to Glen and Glen told him he would see him in a hr and after dinner he would play the diving game in the pool with him.We live in a suburb of Chicago and after our subdivision is nothing but empty country roads.Glen was only 28 minutes down the road when a Pickup truck blew a stop sign hit him into on coming traffic a suv .Glen had done everything to stop they had 60 feet of skid marks from him trying to stop and drop his bike to let it slide . This was also investigated by a cop friend of ours who does accident reinactments .Glen also had a helmet on never went out without it. 45 minutes later a police car pulled up in front of my house . I knew right then i ran out and ask what happened to my Glen .He ask a few question and told me that there had been a accident.Then gave me the phone and i talked to er dr.He told me Glen was in serious condition and was being air lifted to Peoria ,Il 2 hrs. away. I need 2 pack clothes i would be their for a while . I ask if i could talk to him was told i could'nt he had tubes in his throat. I begged them to put a phone by his ear the said they could'nt. Thanks to great neighbors and friends that came to help drive me and take care of Chritian. The 2hr drive seemed like it lasted forever . I called my church and friends to pray.We had 100's of people praying. I knew about a hr into the drive he was gone i could not stop crying.I did not tell my friends When i got to hospital and they did not take me to him right away i knew my feelings had been right.Glen had fought hard they lost his pulse 2 times . He was given 6 pints of blood . He had broken ribs, severed leg, smashed pelvis and damaged spleen which was what. i believed killed him.They had try to stablize him for surgery but, that did not happen .I lost the love of my life, my soul-mate, my best friend. The states proscutor is pressing crimanal charges.I don't know yet if the guy was texting or on the phone.Glen was a very safe driver he took motorcycle classes read every book he could on motorcycle riding.He would drive his bike around the block just to check and make sure everything was in working condition before he left.My life and my boys life is changed forever.The day before this we celebrated Glen's birthday. My boys had plans and gifts for Fathers day which was 2 days later.
This picture was taken August 2010 at Sturgis South Dakota. How funny when my Glen developed this and showed it to me the sign behind him says Be prepared to meet thy God. My Glenie was a godly man he played on church worship team 14 yrs , lead a homegroup for 6 yrs. and brought many family and friends to God. even though I know he is in a better place and i will be with him again . I still ache for him. I part of me died with him . I had been with my Glenie since i was 16 yrs old . We were know in our neighborhood as the honeymooners . We always held hands and kissed. He was the love of my life.....and always will be.