Monday, December 12, 2011

More Snoopy

 Went out today to get a gingerbread kit  and look what I found.can't wait to do this with Christian this week .

These are the newest edition to the Snoopy  collection. These are from Hallmark. Each band member plays  and sways to  two songs. put them together and they play as a band .Love them!

 Charlie Brown , Snoopy and the pathetic tree sit on the corner of the desk in the office .The whole office is Snoopy themed .

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Trying to get some Christmas spirit

I dragged out some Christmas decoration and .I  put up 1 tree . I usually have 8 trees up and decorated by Thanksgiving day.I knew this would be hard but, it is harder then i could have  even imagined.I am praying for strength to get through the holidays and my 2 sons Birthdays this month.I miss my husband so much. Here is my Snoopy  tree .Hope to get one more tree up this weekend.
Snoopy tree complete with Snoopy  lights
Plush Christmas Snoopy for a topper
Ugh! Dog germs.
 This one winds up and peanut gang moves and plays music.

Newest addition  to the collection
 A couple  plush  Snoopy under tree and a  Peanuts trees  skirt too.
Light up Snoopy
              Will post more of my Christmas snoopy later this week .