Sunday, October 16, 2011

Great pumpkin

When I think of Halloween, I think of Snoopy and the Great Pumpkin.
I had this Snoopy Pumpkin push- ins for a few years. I usually use a orange pumpkin for these. 
I found this White pumpkin at the pumpkin farm and thought it would be perfect.

Made a little pumpkin patch for him and a few other Snoopy's  I have.
My Snoopy Head  Pumpkin.
Another Snoopy  Pumpkin.
A few of Snoopy's Friends.
 Peanuts Halloween tree.
Lucy AKA Bride of Frankenstein ornament.
 Snoopy and Charlie Brown ornaments.

I know it just would not be Halloween with out Snoopy .
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  1. I love this idea!! It was a ritual to watch Charlie Brown around Halloween!! Thanks for stopping by my site! I'm a new follower!

  2. Hi nice to see you. I hope you are well these days. I love your Halloween decor, so cute and I know your boys love it to. Thanks for sharing.

  3. My husband (Mr. T) loves snoopy too! Where did you find your light up snoopy head pumpkin? We would love to have one. We have a light up snoopy santa we get out every year. The pumpkin would be a great addition!

  4. Love the Halloween tree! Thanks for visiting my blog...I'm following you now:)

  5. I think I'm starting to enjoy themed holiday decor more and more. Your Snoopy and other characters make the whole theme flow! I did a Mickey pumpkin this year (check out my Mickey blog post!), but no overall theme. You have me inspired for next year!! Visiting via Debbie Doo's Newbie Party. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Om my goodness! You are a person after my own heart. I love Snoopy too! I am completely jealous of the Snoopy shaped plastic pumpkin. I would so want that.

    Do you decorate with Snoopy for Christmas? If so I would love to see that.

    Take Care

  7. Thanks for commenting on my blog and following your blog a new follower :)

  8. It truly wouldn't be Halloween without the Great Pumpkin. I just mailed the book to my niece last weekend. We are working on our Peanuts collection for Christmas. Thanks for stopping by and following. I am off to hit your follow button!!!

  9. I love Snoopy. My friend HolleeAnn gave me some Snoopy socks for Halloween! :D

  10. Love the Peanuts! You have some great pieces!

  11. The Snoopy is great! Thanks for stopping over at my blog...following you back :)

  12. K--I was going to follow you back...your button is being weird (something to do with blogspot...there are others doing that). I'll try again soon!

  13. Thanks for joining our Great Halloween Link Up! We just wanted to let you know that we'll be featuring this tomorrow (10/31) in our last round of party features. Be sure to stop by and grab a button!