Monday, April 4, 2011

My weekend

Hope everyone had a great weekend . My was busy . Worked on a few Easter projects.
What you need 
Finished product.
Ingredients in the Jar:

Reduce 1 sleeve graham crackers (approx 1 1/3 c.)to crumbs and layer 2/3 of the crumbs in a 1 qt. jar.
Place 8 marshmallow bunny peeps standing up, facing out around the inside of the jar pressing them against the glass, but don’t squash them.
Carefully, spoon remaining crumbs in the center of the jar to support the bunnies, pressing down to keep it snug.
On top of this pour 1 ½ c. Easter M&M’s.
Spoon 1/3 c. br. Sugar into center of M&M’s gently pressing with a spoon.
Decorate the lid of the jar however you please…tie curly ribbons around the neck of the jar.

Directions: Empty the jar contents into a bowl. Snip the bunnies into bits with kitchen sheers or cut up with a knife. Return the bunny bits to the mixture and mix well. Melt ½ c. butter, add 1 t. vanilla. Pour this over the dry ingredients, mixing well. Pat into a greased 8x8 baking dish. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes. Cool and cut into bars.
*Option: leave the bunnies whole; combine remaining ingredients and place the bunnies on top; then bake as directed
I  print this out and put on the tag hanging from the jar.

Also did these made a bunch for kids at church.

Holiday S’mores
Place cracker on a plate than
top with peep and chocolate
bar. Microwave a few seconds
until the chocolate bar and peep
are melted. Top with other cracker.

Saturday night went to Chicago to see my husbands  band play. They played at Dick's Last Resort.
If you are ever in the area check it out . It is a great time.
Some girls decided to get on stage and sing with the band.

Phil and Glen doing what the love to do best.
Sunday was family pizza night
Christian decided to act like he was taking a bite out of the pizza .

It was a busy fun weekend . 


  1. I've seen jar cookies before but this is so cute with the peeps! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm happy to follow you! hugs, Linda

  2. Really cute idea with the Peeps. I make the Mix in a Jar recipes as gifts & this would go over very well with some of my grandkids. Your Christian looks like a "ham" & is so cute. Watch out for the girls in a few years (or maybe not so few?).

  3. Just saw that you are a new follower. Thank you!

  4. Very cute, I've made chocolate chip cookie mix in mason jars but never seen this!