Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hobby Lobby

Went to Hobby Lobby  today. Needed to pick up  some pom poms for Easter project #2 .
 To make this project  you need disposable cake decorating bags  ,ribbon ,Easter stamps and  candy . I filled my bag with M&M candy.  You could use orange jelly beans to make it look like a carrot. Stamped my Easter greeting  and  bunny & added mini pom pom for tail .Tied it with a pretty ribbon . Cute and easy to make .

While i was at Hobby Lobby  i spotted  a 80% off sign. Went to see what they had. I was not planning to find a thing but, it was my lucky day.:0)

I found this :0)  for the great price of $2.99
It was  originally $29.99.  
 I checked for cracks &  chips 
It was perfect . I could not believe it . I am planning on doing my master bath 
in animal print . I figured i could use this for something.  I will be checking out the  80% off area more often.

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