Friday, March 25, 2011

Target finds

I have been sick . Had to go to immediate care ;0(  I have another sinus infection .I went to Target to fill my 3 prescription . I had to wait 45 min. to get them filled . That means i had to shop . I found  this lamp for my son Christian's room.It was only $4.24. 
The shade is a dark blue and white
The light bulb i bought cost more.
This frame  was only $1.98
Loved the caption .I have not decide if i will put my Husband or one of my sons pic. in it .
This was my last find .The regular price was $9.98 I paid $2.48
. . 


  1. You found some great items. I love Target markdowns!

  2. I wish we had Target here (though maybe soon). Sounds like getting sick served you well, lol. Great finds.