Monday, May 2, 2011

Garage sales

We had our town wide garage sales this weekend . I always mark these dates on my calender.I was hoping to find a few good things .I did find a few big things . I found both of these Coca Cola machines . Both are from the 1950's The big one works and the little one needs a little bit of repair work. These will make a nice addition to my Coca Cola collection .I also  got the Coca Cola shelf from the same sell.

Me and my Coca Cola machines
Coke  shelf

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  1. Cool Linda..that is a nice addition is right. Hey I see you have a pet too, don't forget Wednesday is my pet party. Please add my link to your post or my button is fine. Thanks for joining the newbie party..Have fun!

  2. Great CC machines. Memories for sure! I just became a follower and hope you return the favor! Thanks! Helen of Helen's Decor

  3. I saw an old blue Coke machine recently and wanted it SOOOO bad. :)

  4. Hi Linda! Thanks for guiding me here!! Those Coke machines are awesome!! Wow!! I am following you right back!!