Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Meet my Puppies

Our first pet  party @Debbiedoos Blogging and Blabbing . We are so excited ! Do we get treats for attending?
Hi I''m Jax   and  I'm Bailey 
Bailey is 41/2 years old and Jax is 11/2years old . We are always getting in trouble together ....Especially Jax
I'm in trouble again for digging in Mom's plants .
I have my own pool . I love to go in and cool off.
I am Bailey sweet and innocent until.....i see the mailman,ups man or FedEx man .
Here i am waiting for  for the mailman he always comes at 1 o'clock.
Hiding in the snow. 

Relaxing by fire after a long day of trouble .
A boy(Christian) and his dogs .
 Hope you enjoyed meeting us Thanks for letting us come to your party Debbiedoos Blogging and Blabbing .Now back to getting in trouble.
  Pet Party@ Debbiedoos Blogging and Blabbing


  1. That picture by the fireplace is absolutely gorgeous!~ What cute little stinkers, I laughed at the dirt! Thanks for joining Lucy's special party. Have fun!

  2. Love these pictures, and your Furr Children. They are so cute. Thanks for sharing them with us at the Pet Partay.


  3. They are just so sweet, both I'm sure are worth all the digging in the dirt:)


  4. They are so cute, did you get them together or seperate, we are getting a new puppy Saturday and I so worry about how it will get along with our 4 year old *puppy*...great picture by the fire love that! coming from the party glad to meet you

  5. Hey I'm your newest follower are you from the NW?

  6. Thanks for the comments . Kathy , We got them separate. It took like 2 months for the other dog not to be scared of the puppy. He would shake if it got any where near him. They are best buddies now .

  7. They look like best buddies. How adorable. I like the 'hiding in the snow', lol.

  8. Jax and Bailey are completely adorable. I love that picture of them sitting in from the fire they looks so cosy. We lost our Westie Archie 4 weeks ago he was only seven and it broke my heart. I am going to put your blog in my Google Reader so I can keep checking back on these little lovelies xx

  9. Oh how I love Westie's. Jax and Bailey are adorable. I am now your newest follower. Drop by my blog and see my westie puppy update. They are 4 weeks old now.

    Susie at Puddle Jumper Creations

  10. oh they are so cute together!!

  11. Bailey and Jax, I am following you because y'all are too, too cute! Y'all cannot be seen in the is like you are camouflaged or something! These pictures are great. You two could be Cesar puppies!!! :D

  12. These are two of the cutest babies around. I can only imagine the trouble they can get into. Sophie has a friend that comes over occasionally, and they get into sooo much when they are together. They are just like little kids! Sophie Parsons has her own pool too. Her daddy went and bought it because she is afraid to get into the big one outside. I am a new follower.

  13. Hi...I'm visiting from Debbie's and following you now. What adorable puppies. I just love that they are all really could lose them in the snow! I tried to get my Kelly to go in a little pool last summer but she wanted nothing to do with it...I should probably try again. Nice to meet you! ~Ann